Our assignments are based on the numbers that you give us.  If these numbers change we need to know as soon as possible to accommodate other programs.  A final count will be included as part of the official invoice, which will be sent three-week before the conference, and you will be responsible for those numbers.  We will send you occasional reminders.




          Delegate fees are $25.00.  There is no school fee.  Three or lower student advisors are free; more are $10.00 each.


          Payment can be made in advance or at registration.  All checks should be made out to "Whitney High School Model UN".  If you choose to pay ahead, you can send it to the address below.  Invoices will be sent out three weeks before the conference, unless requested earlier.





          We'll be catering lunch from TK Burgers.  It will include a main course with a vegetarian option, chips and a drink.  Lunch will be on a staggered schedule to give each delegate about 45 minutes each for their meal.  A table will be set inside the school to buy snacks such as muffins, candy, drinks, etc. During the conference.





          School advisors as well as parent advisors will enjoy our hospitality in our teacher lounge, located in the "B" building next door to the main school.  We will be providing a breakfast and snacks, as well a special ethnic dishes cooked for you by our parents.  A standard lunch is provided as well, and tickets for a TK Burger meal if you wish.  Faculty restrooms can be found here as well as use of the student union if you'd like to relax in a quieter area.


          Student advisors will be given their own room in the center of the school to gather and relax.  Snacks and drinks will be provided for them.  They will be given tickets for a TK Burger for lunch.