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You are invited to Whitney High School’s 17th Annual Model United Nations Conference.  We have committees for advance/intermediate, novice, and Middle-School delegates, focusing on specialized committees.


Our new date is Saturday, January 26, 2019


We had a good run for 16 years on our mid-May date, but due to so many schools starting earlier in the year it simply isn't sustainable.  While we hope we don't lose any of the schools who have attended our conference through the year, we hope that that the new date will bring more and better MUN opportunities.


We are a small, intimate campus, and so is our conference.  We are especially interested in small school MUNs and their delegates able to rise to their full potential and not feel overwhelmed by schools with massive programs.


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Fees:   $25.00 per active delegate.  There is no school fee.  Student advisors are $5.00 to cover the cost of meals.  Checks are preferred to cash.  Make out your checks to “Whitney High School MUN”.


Participation:  Novice delegates are defined as 1st year MUN students who are freshmen or sophomores.  Intermediate delegates are any 2nd to 4th year students or juniors and seniors.  Unless it is unavoidable, try not to put your very best advanced delegates into novice committees.


Assignments:  Assignments will be sent out on Thanksgiving week along with the topic synopsis.  We will be limiting the number of delegates from the same school in order to avoid parliamentary blocs and other such practices.


Committees:   We are working on creating the best and most interesting committees for your delegates and will be releasing our topic synopsis and assignments at the same time.  Below is a preview of some committees and topics we are working on:




Advanced Security Council:  Preventing Terrorism and Extremism in the Horn of Africa


UNICEF:  Child Malnutrition in Africa


ECOSOC: Effects of Climate Change on East Africa


UNHCR:  South Sudan Refugee Crisis


UNDP: Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals in Sub-Saharan Africa


WHO: AIDS in Sub-Saharan Africa


Diplomacy: Congress of Berlin--The European Scramble for Africa, 1875


African Union:  Illicit Drug Trafficking in West Africa




Novice Security Council I: The Libyan Civil War


Novice Security Council II: Blood Diamonds




Middle School: Terrorism in Somalia




8:00 to 9:30 Registration

8:30 to 9:00 Opening ceremonies

9:00 to Noon The first committee session

11:45 to 12:45 Staggered Lunch—45 minutes each

12:45 to 3:00 The second committee session

3:00 to 3:30 Break

3:30 to 4:00 Closing ceremonies


Position Papers:   These are required.  Instructions on content will be included in each topic synopsis.


Electronics: Laptops, tablets, and smartphones will be permitted in formal resolution writing committees.  All computer devices must be used openly and in full view of the chairs.  We plan to make resolutions and amendments available on-line so as to save paper and time. There is, of course, a chance that our wifi system will have performance problems, so we’re not guaranteeing full access.  Any delegate found using these devices for texting, gaming, or simple web browsing will be referred to their advisors.


Advisors:  Like all MUN Secretariats, we strive for fair and balanced chairs and judgment of delegate performance.  We aren't perfect and sometimes we might not notice something in committee that you do.  Adult school advisors are urged to contact the Whitney advisor if they observe something going on which goes against recognized procedure, is biased, or is simply out of policy (such as the United States and North Korea caucusing or working on a resolution together, though who knows by January!).  There should be no two-hour icebreaking sessions, caucuses that go on and on and are renewed and renewed, or fake caucuses.  We'll do our best to keep delegates from wasting time as well.


Advisors and student advisors will be asked to refrain from communicating with their delegates via text or chat in order to help with policy or speeches, as this goes counter to the spirit of MUN.


Committee Practices and Chairing: In committees that write formal resolutions we will be encouraging the amendment process toward a final solution rather than the moderated caucus..  No yielding of time to other delegates will be permitted.  No prewritten resolutions will be accepted.


Because of the practice of wasting committee time with constant requests for changing speaking times or caucus time requests, speaking times will be set at a minute-thirty seconds at the onset of debate up to a maximum of two-minutes for the duration of the speaker’s list in a regular committee.  A request for a new caucus will be automatically ruled dilatory if called for 30-minutes or less after the end of the last caucus, unless requested by the chairs themselves.


All committee rooms are open to advisors.  No advisor is to be kept from coming to and from a committee room due to voting block status.  There have been misunderstandings about this in the past so we want to make this clear.


We want to treat MUN as an academic practice, not as a sport.


Lunch:   Like last year we’ll be catering lunch from TK Burgers who will be cooking their burgers fresh for us.  The meal will include a burger, chips, and a drink. There will be a vegetarian option as well.  Lunch will be on a staggered schedule.


Awards:  Awards in all committees will be determined based on performance and ability.  Cooperation rather than showboating or "hard balling" will be rewarded.  Our chairs will be trained to be aggressively on the lookout for delegates who are out of policy and stopped.   Certificates will be given for commendable and outstanding delegate work.  Gavels will be rewarded in all advanced committees.


We define a large, medium, or small school delegation based on the physical number of delegates brought to our conference.  If for example, Tustin High school, which has a huge MUN program, brings in 70 delegates, it would be designated as a large school.  However, if Tustin brings in only 5 delegates, they would be eligible for the small school delegation award.  We cannot tell you what the cut off for large or small delegations are until the actual day of the conference!  We will also take into consideration the type of program the school offers.



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